Digital Non-Profit Accelerator

Finally Be able to Get A billion Visitors With $120,000 In FREE Ads Every Year.

An 8-module, on-demand program for business owners to quickly set up a digital non-profit arm, get instantly funded by google for advertising, And Get A Billion Visitors.

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"This Accelerator Program helped my business continue to generate leads after I had to shrink my marketing team."
Jonathan keel
Furniture Store
"I looked for many different operations for incorporating non-profits, and this one seemed to be the most complete. After trying it out, I was able to get my grants approved and engage a lot of traffic."
Isel Kiefer
Water Distributor
"I never thought about taking my business down this path, but after seeing consumers getting more curious and consuming more and more information for free, I decided to give it a shot."
Maria Eve
Online Courses
"Well what can I say, Reynaldo was able to deliver a very straightforward, easy-to-understand process that got us started with our non-profit."
Wesley CoTE
Business Consulting

You Ever Have A Feeling That You Might Lose It All?

Well… I certainly have. 

You see, as a business owner I work hard to make my business a big success for my clients, a sustainable income source for my family, and a place where my employees feel safe.

Well… I failed on all three. 

My business got hammered during COVID-19, leaving me with almost no customers, scared employees, and a weakened family…

… and I only blamed myself.

 No one was paying attention to what my company did, and my employees thought I was just supporting a useless, undesirable operation.

I worked too hard to see my child fail like that. 

but the truth is that i caused it.

In hindsight, I realized that the business did not fail because of COVID-19. It failed because of me…

I was so caught up in profiting from my customers that I never thought about what my relationship with them was like. 

I just cared (a bit too much) about the top line. 

And so I never really had a relationship with the people who bought from me. 

To them, I only exist because of my products, and when they had no more use for it… they never came back (yes, even the most loyal, “best-friend”-type clients never came back). 

So… that is when I started to look at some bigger companies to see what they were doing and how they had survived… and to be honest, it was very simple… they focused on “giving before receiving“. 

What Is "Giving Before Receiving"?

It is not charity… it is a mindset where a business focuses on reaching people and helping them before they even become a paying customer. 

That’s right – it is about leaving a positive impact on someone (the giving) before they even give you their money (the receiving). 

Now creating impact can take place in many forms. Charity is one of them, but, surprisingly, that’s not what these big companies focus on. 

They focus on Providing pages of free Educational Content.

They focus on creating a relationship based on information (secrets, even) that will transform their customers’ lives for the better. 

They focus on putting the idea of “being human” first. 

And that’s exactly what you can do with digital non-profits. 

With a good strategy, you can use your non-profit to educate, provides insane value that captivates the heart of your prospects, and create a valuable relationship with them based on trust and goodwill.

In just 8 Weeks, you will finally be able to

  • Incorporate a non-profit that is armed and ready to work 
  • Plan out how to align your non-profit with your current for-profit business
  • Automate the process of operating your non-profit to scale it faster  
  • Learn how to deploy Google Ad Grants to drive insane traffic from around the world to your value added content
  • Turn your non-profit into your new marketing department (where traffic is funded by Google)
  • Stop having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on advertising
  • Create lifetime customers that commit to you because of the value that you have provided to them before they even paid for your core offer.

Get Google To Fund Your Non-Profit, Deliver Real Value To Get Traffic, And Boost Sales.

**We Want To Meet You On Zoom To See How This Program Will Benefit Your Business**

It Will Be The Best Business Decision You'll Ever Make...

Original Value: $20,000

Normally: $18,997

Your Investment: $14,997

** Financing Options Available**

Modules Overview

We know how valuable your time is as a business owner… so each module is short, simple, and one step closer to getting you to success. 

Boost Your Business Sales With a Digital Non- Profit Today

Digital Non-Profit Accelerator


  • An incorporated non-profit that is ready to start growing.
  • Access to Google Ad Grants to make your entire brand more well-known.
  • Lifetime support from the ImpactAnnex team.
  •  Access to the ImpactAnnex Hub to help you stay motivated and grow your network. 

Total Value: $20,000

Normally: $18,997

Invest For Only $14,997

** Financing Options Available**

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Non-Profit  refers to the new breed of companies – whether nonprofits, B corporations or mainstream service providers looking to change the world and deliver the highest value first – and we believe if we’re truly helping people, the money will follow. It is about being an advocate for your customers and always putting their needs ahead of yours. It is about being human first.

In 2013 and 2014,the average IRS approval time ranged from 10 to 18+ months – but even with the Full 1023 Application for 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status, Instant Nonprofit files averaged less than four months. At this time, the average approval time for ImpactAnnex customer applications is 4 to 8 weeks.

The IRS’s website is enormous and might be challenging to browse. One suggestion is to search the website using Google. Here are some useful websites for learning more about the Form 1023’s tax-exempt approved status. A summary of the Form 990 is also provided here. The Independent Sector is a trade group with headquarters in Washington, D.C., with a very forward-thinking lobbying purpose. They provide top-notch resources for governance and educational possibilities.

Using knowledge, technology, and years of trial and error, the best formula for quick approval was discovered. We treat the kind people at the IRS in the same way that we vow to be as personable as possible with our consumers. Like everywhere else, a small number of people make mistakes, but countless more work hard to perform a good job. You can obtain really quick approval timeframes if you work to assist them in doing that.

We provide cutting-edge technology to automate the completion of Forms 990 and 1023. Customers are given access to a nonprofit specialist who will help them with the 1023 application, 990 reporting, and state charity registration. Although the procedure is largely online, we give it a personal touch to make it more powerful. Your expert is there to assist you both online and offline, whether you are struggling to complete a challenging 1023 or are having trouble using technology. (And we promise that assistance is always provided by a person!)

The amount of the user fee paid to the government depends on the applying organization’s average annual gross receipts. If the organization’s average annual gross receipts have exceeded or will exceed $10,000 annually over a four-year period, the fee is $850. If gross receipts have not exceeded or will not exceed $10,000 annually over a four-year period, the user fee is $400. An applicant must certify its gross receipts in Part XI of the Form 1023. Instant Nonprofit’s fees are separate from the required state and federal fees and can be found on our product pages. Your personal nonprofit expert is included in the cost to assist with any needs you have.

The most important guarantee is your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with your membership or service. We raise the bar and guarantee not only approval of your 1023, but if you fail to receive 1023 approval in less than half the average processing time the IRS is declaring for your application, we will refund the applicable Form 1023 fees paid. You can access the IRS approval estimate by calling the IRS Exempt Organizations Hotline at toll-free 877-829-5500. We guarantee with our major services, you will always be helped by a human being – no bots, no muzac. Contact us directly with any questions you have. See? If our technology can’t help you, our people will!

This is an online platform where you have access 24/7 and can go as fast as you want. You are in control!

Takes about a month or less but it really depends on Google & Techsoup. They have their slow months.

We have done this process for a few years that we now know exactly what Google & Techsoup requires and what needs to be set to always be accepted by Google.

Digital Non-Profit Accelerator

Meet Us On Zoom To See How This Will Benefit You

**We Want To Meet You On Zoom To See How This Program Will Benefit Your Business**

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