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Dear Friend...

Do you ever feel unheard in our ever-growing digital environment?

Well…imagine finally being heard in a cluster of digital entrepreneurs just like yourself…without having to bust your wallet…

Imagine going further than all your competitors with a crazy affordable advertisement strategy that will 20X your business’s traffic…

Finally imagine your business being the sole provider in your industry equipped with this marketing superpower…

…you’ll be unstoppable.

Do you want these dreams to come true?

Then I have great news for you. Give me the next 5 minutes of your time, and with a little bit of patience, you’ll understand the key to taking your business pursuits to the next level … without ever needing take a loan.

Hi, my name is Reynaldo Santana, and I’ve devoted my life to helping entrepreneurs like you 20X their business’s digital presence with a little something called google ad grants.
The Truth Is…You’ve Been Fed Lies

Don’t worry, we’ve all been…even the one of the greatest businessmen in the world: Steve Jobs, has been too. The difference is, he knew he was being lied to.


We’ve all been told to follow what’s working in the industry…it’s risk free, stress free, and most of all, it keeps us from entering a deep state of the unknown. 

Fine, this isn’t a bad strategy, it’s proven to “work” countless of times…but it stops a lot of businessmen from truly reaching their full potential: they get too comfortable listening to others.


You’re a business owner not because you want to live comfortable life…


…some of you have quit your 9-5 jobs … some of you have dropped out of college … and some of you have even invested your life savings in your business.


If you’ve taken so many risks already…why stop?


If you stop taking risks now, you’ve accepted already defeat…you might as well go back to your 9-5 job or enroll in college again.

 You’re Now Faced With A Decision. Do you want to play it safe, follow the rules, and treat your business as a 9-5 job? Or… Do you want to become a true pioneer and finally break free from stagnant growth?


Before You Make Your Decision…Let Me Tell You A Story

The story of Steve Jobs.


In the early 2000s Steve Jobs was faced with a dilemma: whether to develop a little piece of technology called the IPhone or not.


Here’s the thing…all businesses at the time just needed a single big product to succeed…Apple, already had one: the IPod.


It already made no sense to develop a new flagship product when one was already succeeding…but the worst part of it all wasn’t that: it was that the IPhone would make the IPod obsolete…

But what do you think Jobs did?

Everyone Told Him To Get His Ego Checked

Why not just make the iPod better? Why make a replacement to your own product? Why make the iPhone? The developing of the iPhone, now a household name, was one of the stupidest decisions at the time. The strategy was so different from what other companies could even dare to do: replacing your own flagship product…


Well guess what? Now you see that strategy everywhere: Amazon, Microsoft, Google all do it. But most importantly of course, this “stupid” strategy made a crap ton of money for Apple…I don’t need to tell you how successful the iPhone is now.


This Isn’t Just Some Old “You Can Do It” Story

What I want you to take away from this story is the lesson of finding unique solutions. Unique solutions can be applied to all areas of entrepreneurship. But of course, you can’t just blindly throw unique solutions at the sky and hope money will fall back down. You have to do it right. Very right.

That’s where I come in.

I have a secret that’ll help you find this unique solution…in the animalistic world of marketing.

Let’s Recap…

So far, you’ve discovered the power of finding unique solutions and taking risks…even when the “normal” practice has worked for years. 

You’ve discovered that unique solutions can be found in all areas of your business pursuits. 

You’ve discovered there is a “secret” guide to finding this unique solution for marketing…so you don’t have to find it yourself.

You don’t have to depend on million-dollar marketing courses anymore.

You don’t have to throw millions of dollars at ads to attain leads anymore.

Most of all…you don’t have to pull your hair out every day trying to be heard on the internet.

We have all your answers right here…


Let me ask you this…

  • Do you have products or services to sell?
  • Are you reasonably intelligent?
  • Does your business need to market to survive or expand?
  • Can you answer 21 questions while speaking into a microphone?
  • Would you like to work less and make more?

I will assume your answers are the same as mine….


Then You Have 2 Clear Choices
  1. Keep doing things the way you have been and remain frustrated, held hostage and simply get used to stagnant growth…




  1. Attend my google grant workshop and learn how to 10X your traffic with exclusive access to Google’s hidden vault.


I would like to personally invite you to attend the GOOGLE’S HIDDEN VAULT WORKSHOP from your computer…it’s all digital…you don’t even have to go anywhere…


This entire workshop will be taught entirely by myself and my good friends at Impact Annex, there will be NO outside speakers and NO strings attached.


What’s holding you back? Look, you’re a business owner who truly cares about their business…those are sometimes hard to come by.


But business owners who care a lot are often the most stressed…


This workshop will help your daily headaches go away…


What do you say?


The greatest advertising workshop you’ll ever attend and you’ll discover…

A system designed to teach you to ditch random motivation tips and unlock your potential like a badass.

And Of Course...
It Only Happens In A Lifetime

No joke, this is the one and only time I’ll hold a workshop about google ads…of course I can’t tell everyone these secrets.

You deserve them though…you’re a hard worker…you have the potential to succeed with these secrets.

I get it, you’ve probably tried every marketing strategy out there and found zero success

You’ve probably thought about taking in loans just to fund your ads

You’ve might’ve even tried that already

You’ve likely spent hours searching online for the perfect guide

But no one wants to reveal the secret…until now…

Special Bonuses for You Worth Well Over $3000

Want better news? If you are reading this page today, I will make the entire workshop available for 60% off what it’s worth, and better yet..

Plus, the workshop offers over $3000 dollars in bonuses:

Bonus #1 30-minute Consultation Regarding Your Nonprofit Working Alongside your For-profit and get access to ways to reduce and/or pay little to no taxes from our internal lawyer (Top 10 lawyer in the USA!)

Bonus #2  30-minute Consultation on Building Funnels like this to automate your business, impact and lead generation.

Bonus #3  FREE Session on how to get access to other grants, resources and discounts for your nonprofit and for-profit.

Bonus #4 FREE Secret Guide to Starting a Nonprofit

Bonus #5 FREE IRS Form 1023 Schedule Cheat Sheet + Access to SECRET Seed Money Magic Guide on How to Raise Your First $12,000 to $100,000 With This Proven Formula brought you by our internal nonprofit expert who has incorporated and worked with more than 4,000 nonprofits.

Meet Other Folks Who’ve Been Here Before
If it weren't for Impact Annex, I would not have been able to get the Google Ad Grant. I met with them and their team helped me fill out the application and get it submitted. Without their help, I would not have been awarded the grant. They are a great company with a lot of knowledge on how to get your business funded.
- Lucy Wafo
I'm really glad that I was given the grant opportunity by Google to create my business. I am a young entrepreneur and without the grant, my business would have most likely failed. It's so easy to use and it helped me get my product out there to the people who needed it. I am thankful that Impact Annex made the process easy to understand.
-Klinbert Garcia
I would like to share my gratitude for the Google Ad grant. It helped me grow my business and digital nonprofit grow tremendously and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Impact Annex opened up my eyes to the world of nonprofit and having a platform to impact people while doing what I love to do in real estate.
- Victor Martinez
We’re So Confident You’ll Need This Workshop…We’re Willing To Make Promises
If your business gets rejected by Google for the Ad Grant, we'll refund you the entire amount and still build your business a new funnel for free.

If, at the end of the workshop, you still have no clue on what Google Ad Grants are and how they work, we will give you the entire amount back and, better yet, donate to your favorite charity.
Now Get Your Ass Off That Chair And Go Make A Stupid Amount of Money…

A lot on my Impact Annex team will hate me for this workshop…it’s too cheap they say…it’s giving all our secrets they say…well screw it, let’s start growing your business like crazy.

If you want an even crazier price for an already crazy cheap workshop…

Look this is probably your last chance to listen to a detailed workshop on how to grow your marketing campaign like crazy…


So join us and grow your business forever.

Best Wishes,

Reynaldo Santana

P.S WARNING: If you wait, you’re screwed

Think about how much money and leads you’ll lose every day funding an ad campaign that’ll go nowhere…or even worse waiting for loans to start funding an ad campaign.

The investment to attend the workshop is peanuts compared to the reward.

P.P.S REMEMBER: You don’t want your ideas to be forgotten…so you need a creative marketing strategy. You especially don’t want to be neglected in our growing digital economy…so act fast right now!

Plus, I’m a funny guy…watching me speak is like watching a movie.

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