About Us

The ImpactAnnex Family is made up of hard-working team members, partners, and business owners who are all dedicated to the cause of using business as a way of connecting to audiences globally in order to create a major difference. 

we specialize in Impact.

ImpactAnnex is the go-to place for all business owners who are looking to set up their own digital non-profit organization and learn about impactful technologies improving organizations. 

Aside from leading the incorporation and grant-approval journey, ImpactAnnex works with partners to build you a strong brand identity for your non-profit, make it scalable to attract new audiences every day, and connect you with other bright-minded non-profit owners to help you succeed. 


Entrepreneurs Helped

30+ Years

Combined Experience

Why Choose Us

We put your needs first, and we focus all our efforts on making your experience easy. 

Lifetime Support

We focus on a model where, once you sign up, you have our program for life! That means we are here with you until the very end.

beyond the norm

Rather than just stopping at the easy part, we want to automate your non-profit so it will help your business grow.

A Partner Here

Think of joining ImpactAnnex as a partnership where we are both aligned by the interest of making your business strong.

A Strong Family

ImpactAnnex is far beyond just creating programs for you, and will give you the space to network and grasp new opportunities.

Reynaldo Santana

As a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the emerging technology and business space, Reynaldo Santana is a proven expert in providing value through trainings, masterclasses, and more. Reynaldo is the founder of ImpactAnnex, a mission-driven organization focused on impacting a billion lives using technology and business strategies. He has a deep understanding of the 3D printing in the real estate industry and has applied this knowledge to create a 3D printing real estate non-profit providing housing to communities.

Reynaldo’s expertise is further validated by his credentials as a recent TEDx speaker, author, and consultant to businesses of all sizes and industries. He has a proven track record of helping organizations uncover their hidden potential and empowering them to achieve long-term success. Reynaldo’s passion for sharing his knowledge and experience makes him a highly effective trainer and masterclass instructor. Trust in Reynaldo’s capability to provide valuable insights and strategies for your organization’s growth.

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