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A.I and Chat-GPT: The Future of Business is Now

The future of business is here, and it's all about A.I and Chat-GPT. ImpactAnnex can help you stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of this powerful technology to drive revenue growth and sustainable business success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level.

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Unlock the Power of A.I and Chat-GPT for Business Growth.

Discover the game-changing benefits of A.I and Chat-GPT for your business. Automate processes, gain valuable insights, and drive revenue growth with ImpactAnnex's expert guidance and training.

How do We Do That?

#1. We Create You A Digital Non-Profit.

You will get an incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit that is in alignment with your current for-profit business - and ready to accept grants and other special privileges (see F.A.Q for more).

#2. We Get You Google Ad Grants.

You will get $10,000 per month in free advertising credits from Google and compliance tools from ImpactAnnex so that you can gain access to the Google Ad Grants for eternity.

#3. We Create A Funnel For Your Non-Profit.

You will get a working funnel that - in compliance with Google Ad Grant policies - will be able to turn your non-profit's prospects into a lead for your business.

#4. We Plan Out A Non-Profit Strategy.

You will get support in strategizing how to position your non-profit and content to fulfills its goals while being able to raise the value of your brand through achieving social good.

#5. We Test And Optimize Your Ads.

You will get support in Google Ads management from our team as we ensure that your ad campaigns are optimized and capable of bringing in traffic.

#6. We Help You Create Lifetime Customers.

Finally, you will get the necessary support from the ImpactAnnex team that will ensure the leads you have in your email system from the non-profit can turn into lifetime customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s just a few examples:

  • Leave a Legacy of Success and Impact
  • Make Your Competition Irrelevant
  • Become The “Go-To” professional in you community/niche or nationwide!
  • Educate and Invite New Prospects
  • Lead People to Your Webinar/Challenge/Event/Workshop
  • Add MASSIVE Value to Your Business When You’re Ready to Sell
  • Support Your Deepest Personal Mission
  • Supercharge Public Relations and Authority
  • Find Your Perfect Employees/Partners

Digital Non-Profit  refers to the new breed of companies – whether nonprofits, B corporations or mainstream service providers looking to change the world and deliver the highest value first – and we believe if we’re truly helping people, the money will follow. It is about being an advocate for your customers and always putting their needs ahead of yours. It is about being human first.

Google made $181 BILLION dollars in 2020 alone! Which means they have a multi-billion dollar tax bill waiting for them… and YOU are their write-off! Google donates billions of dollars in ads to the ONE profession they KNOW will change the world… and that is YOUR profession. 

No, one you’re approved you never have to reapply to keep your grant active. $120,000 per year for the life of your not-for-profit! You only have to fill your annual return for your nonprofit (Very easy) and you’ll all set.

We’ll jump on a call to learn everything about your business and goal. Then,  we’ll set up your campaign, write your ads, find the best converting keywords and running your ads to your absolutely best audience… we’ll even keep running your campaign for you for 3 full months to lock-in success!

We have done this process for a few years that we now know exactly what Google & Techsoup requires and what needs to be set to always be accepted by Google. If we are not able to obtain your grant, you will get your money back. So far 100% Acceptance rate!

We provide cutting-edge technology to automate the completion of Forms 990 and 1023. Customers are given access to a nonprofit specialist who will help them with the 1023 application, 990 reporting, and state charity registration. Although the procedure is largely online, we give it a personal touch to make it more powerful. Your expert is there to assist you both online and offline, whether you are struggling to complete a challenging 1023 or are having trouble using technology. (And we promise that assistance is always provided by a person!)

The most important guarantee is your money will be refunded if we are not able to incorporate you or get you the $10,000 monthly grant. We raise the bar and guarantee not only approval of your 501c3, but if you fail to receive 501c3 approval in less than half the average processing time the IRS is declaring for your application, we will refund the applicable Form 1023 fees paid. You can access the IRS approval estimate by calling the IRS Exempt Organizations Hotline at toll-free 877-829-5500. We guarantee with our major services, you will always be helped by a human being – no bots. Contact us directly with any questions you have. See? If our technology can’t help you, our people will!

This program is 19 years old, google launched this program as a tax write off back in 2003 when they “only” made $1.3b to offset their multi million dollar tax bill. They’ve made more every year since. Fast forward to 2020, google earned $181b which equals 10’s of billions of dollars in taxes. They need this program now more than ever! But Google existence in the near future is not Guaranteed, so act fast!

Humans equate “top” with being “the best”. Nobody want to go to the “second best professional in town” so being at the top of the search page automatically makes you the best!

Takes about a month or less but it really depends on Google & Techsoup. We have on control on these 3rd Party companies.

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